Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exercise 8 - Sequence of compositions

It was quite difficult for me to decide on the place where to take pictures for this exercise. It had to be some public place, where  people are not necessarily willing to be photographed. At first I thought about some sport event, like basketball match, as I could sit close enough to the subjects and there would be enough time to take a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, in last couple of weeks there were no such sport events at my place.
My final choice was a shopping center, where I found a nice shooting point on the highest floor. My first picture I have taken just to get an idea of what is there below, what objects would be interesting to shoot at a closer distance.
The group of people that was sitting close to the center seemed to be most interesting. I zoomed it from 20mm focal distance to the maximum possible with my Tamron lens - 250mm.

The small boy eating chips looked funny, and I decided to concentrate on him. However, the best what I could do in the end was a vertical shot, quite dark and not really interesting in composition.

I decided to change the initial view in the viewfinder and take picture of escalators with people standing on them.

 I had to take quite a few shots of escalators before I finally got a sharp enough shot to figure out a subject for the closer distance shot. I just accidentally notice three guys sitting behind the tree in the bottom of the picture.

I did not like this shot, two many objects an details. Because I liked the colors of the guitar, I decided to focus on the guy with a red guitar. The best shot I could make was the one below.

I like the combination of colors and shadows here. Though, the composition could be better. E.g it would probably be good to catch the face of the guy playing the guitar.

From this exercise I learned quite a lot and up to this moment it was the most difficult exercise for me. First of all, I learned that it is not that easy to find a place full of people, where it would be convenient to take pictures. Secondly, it is quite a complex task to figure out the interesting object, when you do not know, what exactly you need to picture. There is too much choice given and choice is not equal in distance, movement, lighting.


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