Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Exercise 9 - Focal Lengthes

After a long break I finally got back to my exercises. Here is the outcome of the exercise on the different focal lengths. The shots have bee taken at Baltic sea shore, in Latvian town - Yurmala. It is not a hot season there at the moment and I really enjoyed being there on my own with my camera. I guess it was one of the last weekends of this year golden period, which is always a bit sad...

Here is a sequence of shots taken there:

This shot has been taken at 26 mm focal length. It is not the smallest possible with my Tamron lens, but I did not want to change the position. The aperture is F9 and shutter 1/1250s.
Focal length - 78mm. Aperture  F14 and shutter 1/640s.

 Focal length - 110mm. Aperture - f/14,  shutter 1/400s. I have changed the composition a bit for this shot by moving a by to the right.

 Here I decided to use vertical composition to fill in the frame more with objects than background. Focal length 170mm.  Aperture - F/14, shutter speed 1/400s.
This shot I made on maximum possible zoom at focal length 250mm, F/14, shutter speed 1/400s. I made the shot vertical to fill in the frame in the most reasonable way.

Actually I made a lot more shots for this exercise. For every shot I made about 3 trials and then choose the one that seemed the best afterwards.

I have also noticed that the larger is the focal distance, the more noise I see on the pictures.

After I made this summary I have realized that I like the first and the last shots the most, but for different reasons. I like the soft background and mild colors of the first one and I like the small details of the building on the last shot.

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