Monday, October 4, 2010

Exercise 4 - Shutter speed

When I read the task "fix your camera in front of something that moves several times or continuously across your view", I immediately thought about two my nieces. There is nothing that can move as endless playing children. I asked them to go with me for a walk and take their bicycles with them. The weather was lovely and I allowed them to press the button on the camera themselves and look through viewfinder, because they were so curious about this. This kept them interested and I could take a good number of shots to complete this exercise.  So, here are the shots taken with different shutter speed all at 26mm focal length:

1. Shutter speed 1/40s, f/22

2. Shutter speed 1/50s; f/20

3. Shutter speed 1/60s; f/18

4. Shutter speed 1/80; f/16

 5. Shutter speed 1/160s; f/11

 6. Shutter speed 1/250s; f/9

7. Shutter speed 1/320s; f/8

8. Shutter speed 1/500s; f6.3

9. Shutter speed 1/800; f/5

10. Shutter speed 1/1250; f/3.5

To conclude, at 1/250s and aperture f/9 the image is still sharp. With slower shutter speeds the movement is seen more and more. The interesting thing that I noticed is that at longer shutter speeds the object shows movement, while all background is frozen and in focus. This nicely comes together with previous exercise on aperture (the smaller is the aperture, the more area of the picture is in focus. This is a good to know thing, as sometimes I want to take a picture of moving object but keep background focused.
Now I know that I need to have a small aperture and a longer shutter speed for this. Cool! I want to try this next time I will take picture of night city.

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