Saturday, October 9, 2010

Exercise 6 - Fitting the frame to the subject

As an object for the series of 4 shots I have picked up an advertising tower next to the nearest supermarket. It was actually an accidental choice. I was taking pictures of the office building nearby. But when I  looked at the pictures on the computer screen, I decided that the tower looks more attractive and came back to it later to finalize the exercise.

Here is the first shot. As it was just before sundown and I did not have a tripod with me, I was taking pictures with a largest aperture of 3.5 and shutter speed 1/500, and focal length for this shot was smallest possible with this lens - 18mm.

For the second shot I tried to fit the subject as much into the frame as possible, as according to the task.
To do this I had to zoom focal lens to 26mm, the maximum possible aperture was 4 and shutter speed slowed accordingly to 1/400s.
The next picture shows only the fragment of the object, made on a largest possible zoom of my Tamron lens - 250mm focal distance. The aperture is in this case also on it's maximum f/6.3 and shutter speed 1/80s.
To make the forth shot of this exercise I had to come back next day, because the lightning a day before did not allow me to take a shot without shaking a camera. So, here is the last shot taken at18mm focal length. In this case I did not need to keep the biggest aperture figure, because it was a sunny day and I put aperture on f/8 to emphasize the surrounding more. Shutter speed is 1/3200s.

From this exercise I learned, that it is always worth taking several shots of an object to figure out, whether object itself or some detail of an object represents the most interest. Or maybe it is subject together with surrounding, what makes the shot interesting.

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