Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Exercise 2.8 - Real and Implied Triangles

In this exercise I had to take six pictures with real or implied triangles on them.

1. Subject that itself is a triangle. That was the easiest part of the exercise, because I have immediately noticed an advertising on a trash bin with a green triangle logo on it.

  2. The second shot was to illustrate the triangle converging towards the top of the frame. It is a church roof, you may find a lot of them in the medieval cities. This shot probably needed some more cropping to stress the triangle, but I did not want to cut out the dark tree in front of the church, which I think, adds up to the composition.

3. The other version of triangle - converging towards the bottom of the frame. Again, it might be worth cropping this shot so that lantern would fill the whole frame, but I liked the blurred detail on the background in the right bottom corner.  

4. As a second part of the exercise I had to work with still life objects. Here is the one with apex at the top. The apex here is a bit out of focus, it might be worth using aperture smaller than at f3.2.

5. The same objects but with apex in the bottom. I don't think this composition works well enough here. 

6. The last bit of the exercise was a triangle made by three people. I have chosen three aikido sportsmen in different poses an on different distances. All together they form a triangle.

 When taking pictures the one might have implied triangle in the composition just accidentally, like in case of aikido sportsmen on the last picture. They add dynamism to the composition and put all the parts of the composition in the invisible order. It is also worth noticing the implied triangles when taking pictures of landscapes, in order to avoid static nature on the shots.

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