Monday, January 3, 2011

Exercise 2.3 - Multiple Points

For this exercise I decided to go back to one of my previous attempts and following the advice of the the tutor take a picture of the small compact objects on the mirror, so that the mirror edges would not be seen in the frame.

As a background I have take some lights, part of the window and the reflection of a cup in the mirror. The candies themselves are the main objects reflected in the mirror. So, starting from a single object and further increasing the number of candies up to eight a ended up with quite a big number of shots. Then I have chosen 6 of them, as described in the task. Here they  are:

This time I have also experimented with a shutter speed to create different kinds of background. As can be seen, the background lights are smaller on the first three pictures, than on the other three. I have also a bit experimented with colors balance in these pictures, as can been seen from different tones of the colors on the background.

And finalizing this exercise, here is the final picture with the biggest number of points and I have shown by arrows the shape of the composition. It looks like  trapezium with a biggest point in the middle. I am still in doubt, whether this composition really works or not...

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