Sunday, January 16, 2011

Exercise 2.7 - Implied Lines

This exercise consisted of three parts.

The first part implied analyzing the pictures from the course material. I had to find implied lines on two different shots. Here they are:

1. On the first shot one line above the horse is rather showing their movement direction. The other line, eye-line, is showing contact with a person on the picture.

2. On the second shot I found three implied lines, all referring to the movement of the bull.

The second part of the exercise was to analyze three own pictures and fid implied lines on them:

1. On the first picture I found an implied line connecting two brightest points of the shot. The other line is creating a bigger diagonal that goes through the whole frame. The third line is showing the direction of movement.


2. On the second shot I have found only one line, which is an extension of the main object, pointing to the city.


 3. On the third picture I have found two lines, pointing to the direction of the movement.


The third part of the exercise was to take two shots with different implied lines:

1.The line on this shot represents the extension of a line, adding up to the slight shadow behind the wind surfer.

2. The second shot is an eye-line. Here I decided to have some fun and made a composition of a mouse and an elephant. The mouse is clearly looking at the big animal suspiciously. It was quite difficult to make a composition, where the implied line would be seen. I had to experiment with different exposures and finally decided that the best shot was at f.3.5 and 1 second shutter speed. I wanted to have both the mouse and elephant in focus, and tried to experiment with very long exposures. But I realized that by having everything in focus I sacrifice the depth of the field, and main objects became too flat.


The implied lines is a very subjective, though interesting thing, when preparing a composition. It makes photographer think about the objects within the frame more thoroughly.  


  1. OMG! i am so glad i found your blog. I was given an assignment to go and shoot five photos of line, implied line, directional line, and descriptive line. you have helped me with implied line my professor sucks at explaining anything. we basically have to learn everything on our own =/ oh well i found you to help me. :) thanks so much again!

  2. Wau! I am glad I could help you. I thought, that there is nobody reading my blog. I am going through the introductory course at Open College of the Art. I hope you will find some other useful stuff in my blog as well!