Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Joining Open College of The Arts

I tried photography as a hobby quite a long time ago. The further I went with my hobby the more it seemed  that photography is an endless field for development and creativity. At some stage I realized that I need to develop my skills in a more structured way. When I accidentally read an advertising in DSLR Photography magazine about opportunities at Open College of the Arts, I thought that it could be a perfect opportunity for me. So, this is my first course within OCA and my first course of photography with professional photographer. 

In one week after joining the course I received the materials by post. This might sound stupid, but I was absolutely delighted by the soft red paper that was covering the materials inside the package! Besides course materials folder and different user guides, there was a nice notebook for learning log and a photography book that I find rather interesting and hope that I will have some time to read it and share some ideas that I will find most exciting there.

So, let's see, what I have here... I have my blog spot ready, I received all materials, I got in contact with my tutor, I have even paid my bill for the course!...It seems that it is time to start working NOW. My first deadline for the first assignment is 16th of November, and there is plenty to do before submitting the assignment. I wish myself good luck!       

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