Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Equipment overview

Before getting further to tasks, it would probably be worth to list the equipment that I am going to use for my tasks. When moving further, I would also like to find out, whether what I have is enough for taking good shots and whether it is sufficient for myself. If not, then I am looking forward to find out, what else I need to be happy with my shots. At the moment I am a happy owner of the following photography stuff:

1. Camera Nikon D40
I am pretty sure that this camera is a good budget choice for a person like me, who is just starting with photography as a hobby. However, there are at least two constrains with this camera: 1) It does not have a built-in auto focus motor, which will define the range of lenses for some extend 2) It does not have a port for cable remote control port. Of course, it has infra red port and it is possible to use remote control without cable, but I had a couple of situations, where I wished I had a cable for longer shutter speeds to avoid camera shaking. Anyway, I still like my D40 and we will see how he will manage with all the assignments of this course.

2. Lens Tamron AF18-250 F3.5-6.3 DiII with built-in motor.
This is again a budget version of superzoom lens. I like it, because it works for nearly all types of pictures I want to take. However, again, there are some minuses that I have notices: 1) a bit slow auto-focus; 2) vignetting at the longest zoom, especially if I have polarizing filter on it.

3. Lens Tokina 12-24mm F4.
This lens I bought especially for landscape photography, as it gives slightly wider angle than my Tamron lens. At the moment I can't think of any problem that I had with lens. Again, good budget lens.

4. Tripod Vanguard with level.
I am quite happy with it, as it is robust and useful thing to have. To add some criticism, I would say that the head of the tripod could be a bit better, I find it difficult at times to set horizon line right with it.

5. Filters: I am using Hoya Polarizing and simple glass filter when taking pictures with Tamron. I also have Cokin set of gradual density filters.
I am absolutely happy with all of them. I hope to get more knowledge about how to use grad filters while doing this course.

6. As for post processing I have just installed Photoshop on my MacBook Pro. This is area where I know absolutely nothing. I have not tried to add some post-processing to my pictures up until now. I would be happy to start doing this.


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