Monday, September 27, 2010

Exercise 2 - Focus with a set aperture

For this exercise I have chosen my Roland keyboard. The sequence of keys is long enough to see the difference.
However, the constrain was that the super-zoom lens Tamron 18-250 is not a perfect option for taking pictures similar to macro. The keys were a bit too small, and to make it look nice, I had to adjust the angle (focal distance) a bit. The biggest aperture of my lens would be f/3.5 at focal distance 18mm. I was shooting at approximately 22-25mm and with maximum aperture f/4.2. Anyway, here are three pictures with focus on different parts of the object:

1. Aperture - F/4.2; Focus distance - 0.45m; shutter speed - 1/60s.

2. Aperture - F/4.2; Focus distance - 0.7m; shutter speed 1/50s.

3. Aperture - F/4.2; Focus distance - 1.1m; shutter speed - 1/50s.


  • On the first picture the focus is on the front side of the keyboard at focus distance 0.45m. Though the first three black keys are not in focus, as the shooting distance was a bit too close for this lens. 
  • On the second picture the focus has moved a bit further to 0.7m. There are now five black keys blurred, while keys on a longer distance are in focus. I think this shot is the best out of three, as it gives the whole view of the row and focus is evenly spread. 
  • On the third picture focus has moved even further from 0.7 to 1.1m. This has pulled the focus out of the keys to the button behind the keys. This makes 90% of the picture blurred and does not really look nice.

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