Sunday, October 23, 2011

Exercise 5.5 - Juxtaposition

For this task the main idea was to photograph the objects that would have connection with each other. This was the easiest part of the exercise.

90mm; f/3.2; 1/13 sec; 
white balance - incandesce; 
with flash and diffusing filter 

And I would use this picture as an illustration to the book of poems. However, I would use the shot with another white balance, if it was to illustrate the book. The background should look a bit colder and contrast with red berries. 

Furthermore, I would even play a bit with the background and colours and wold eliminate all other than red colours from the picture.

This would be a small book with short poems, one on every page. And the name of this book would be something like "The Colour of the Soul" (of course, written in some thin Italic style). And the colour of the berries would depend on the poems in the book. 
At the moment I left them as dark red... Switch on your imagination to think of the poems that would be associated with this colour...   

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