Monday, October 17, 2011

Exercise 5.3 - Symbols

The idea of this exercise was to list the symbols for several subjects. For some of those I have even found some pictures taken by myself some time ago.

1. Growth:

The first thing that comes to my mind is growing tree or a flower.

2. Excess 

It can be anything. One thing that could definitely work is the excess of snow we had in Estonia previous winter.

3.  Crime 

There are several options possible as well:  from dark streets to the strangers in the streets and views of the old prisons. One of those I have found among my pictures:

4. Silence 

Here I have chosen the picture of the sea during sundown. It always leaves the impression of patience and silence. The single person on the picture adds up to the composition.

 5. Poverty

The best shots that I could come up with were from one local market in Shanghai. The second shot would also work for excess subject.

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