Saturday, March 5, 2011

Exercise 3.1 - Control the strength of a color

The second assignment has been completed, and I a moving further with exercises for the third part of the course.

This exercise was supposed to show, how the color changes with different exposures. I had already noticed this feature before, taking landscapes pictures, when sky is very bright. This time I have chosen rose color wall with some shadows on it. All shots were taken at 250mm focal length and ISO200.

So, here are the pictures of the same object at different exposures:

f/7.1; 1/200 sec

f/8.0; 1/200 sec

f/9.0; 1/200 sec

f/10.0; 1/200 sec

f/11; 1/200 sec

f/13.0; 1/200 sec

f/16.0; 1/200 sec 

The camera was showing the of f/10 and 1/200 sec as a perfect combination. If I was choosing the best shot out of them, I would take one of the underexposed - the one taken at f/11.0 or at f/13.0, because the color looks stronger on these two shots. 

The conclusion from this exercise is that colors look stronger, if image is underexposed, and the other way around. 

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