Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Assignment 2 - Elements of Design

The main idea of the assignment was to create 10 pictures with different elements of design. All these elements have been pictured in the exercises before. So, this time I had to choose different objects. I know, that not all pictures appeared to be better than in the exercises. Anyway, here they are:

1. Single point dominating the composition

90mm; f.5; 1/625 sec; ISO 200

If it is not clear from the picture, it is a slice of lemon. And the white point seems to work well for the definition of single point dominating the composition. At least, this is the first thing that is attracting the attention.

2. Two points

90mm; f.13; 2 sec; ISO 200

Though there are shadows and two small details in addition to round objects, the two points of the composition are very clear. The interesting thing about this shot is that I had to overexpose the shot to make it more saturated and to have all parts in focus I had to use smaller aperture and longer shutter speed.  

3. Several points in a deliberate shape

90mm; f.14; 1.6 sec; ISO 200

If it is not clear from the picture, these are rosins in the cream. I am not quite sure, whether I like this shot  or not. Anyway, I guess, it works for multiple points task. 

4. A combination of vertical and horizontal lines

90mm; f.22; 1/2 sec; ISO 200

This part of the assignment appeared to be the most difficult. I was thinking of several objects, but finally decided on this microprocessor. At first glance,only vertical lines are obvious here. However, considering a very straightforward order of the pins in the processor, it becomes clear, that horizontal lines are also there, it is just a matter of the angle of view. 

5. Diagonals

14mm; f.4;1/1000;ISO200 

Compared to all previous shots that were taken with Tamron 90mm Macro lens, this one (as a landscape picture) has been taken with wide angle Tokina 12-24mm. There is one obvious diagonal and a couple of diagonals created by the landscape (sea shore and the sea). Though this picture works for this exercise, I like the diagonal picture take from the exercise a lot more than this one.

6. Curves

90mm; f.14; 1.0 sec; ISO 200
I had a couple of other options for this task - road turn and river curves. However, this one is showing several curves and I especially like the the blurred background and the middle of the shell.

7. Distinct, even if irregular shapes   

90mm; f.3.2; 1/6 sec; 200mm

This fruit made from glass has quite a definite shape, though it is irregular. I would call it 'irregular oval'. I quite like this image. I like the colors of the object and the background, I like the slight shaddow and the compactness of the object.

8. Implied triangles

250mm; f.6.3; 1/80sec

90mm; f.3.5; 1/4sec

For this task I used two ways of using triangle. On the first picture three swans are making the triangle. On the second picture it is only one object and the form of rose leaves makes a triangle.

9. Rhythm 
90mm; f.14; 1.6 sec

The columns of Pantheon here create a sequence and the color in the blue light in the end add up to the composition and create a rhythm.

10. Pattern

250mm; f.6.3; 1/200 sec

I was making pictures of swans on Baltic Sea, when I paid attention to the ice in the sea. May be it is not that obvious, but pieces of ice create a nice pattern. I decided that in black and white I will look more obvious. The thing that I don't like about this shot is the digital noise. As it was taken on the longest focal length at f.6.3 it is adding a bit distortion to the image.

Summarizing the assignment, I would say that though there is no as much creativity as in the first assignment, it was quite useful to put together all the knowledge received in part two and implement it in all these photos. However, as I have already mentioned above, some of the pictures were better in exercises than in the assignment. But this is a matter of chance, coincidence and being in the right place in the right time, there is nothing to do about this...   


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