Monday, September 19, 2011

Exercise 5.1 - A narrative picture essay

For this task I had to choose an event and create an essay with pictures only. In other words, take right pictures in right place and put them in right sequence. I decided even no to bother specifying the exposure values for this task, as the main point of the exercise was to tell the story of he event. So, here it is...

I have chosen a local bikers festival for this task. The whole event has started from the the main square of the city Narva, which is in north-eastern part of Estonia. Over 1500 bikers come there once a year from al over the Europe.

They made a tour around the town all together, showing their bikes to all the public interested in the event. 


When taking these pictures, I tried to use panning technique as much as possible, to have the object frozen and background blurred, showing the movement of the objects.

After the town tour all bikers parked on another square, where all public could go around and explore different kinds of bikes and scooters, take pictures of cool bikers, have a chat with them, as k questions, if they were interested in knowing something about bikers experience.




As was a bit limited by the format of, I could not put the shots in the right angles. And as part of bike festival, there was also exhibition of retro bikes and bikers accessories. However, I removed these pictures, as they did not fit nicely into the whole sequence and did not add too much to the story.

That's basically it... how it was this summer at Narva bike festival...

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