Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exercise 4.9 - Softening the light

For this exercise I had to take two pictures of a still life arrangement - one with naked tungsten lamp and the other with diffuser.
As I don't have a professional diffuser, I tried to make one myself. For this I used a big picture frame and white backing paper. Two layers of the paper created a needed level of transparency.

Because I could only make a small diffuser,  my composition should also be from very small objects. I used a small sea shell and a couple of small stones from the sea. The sea salt I used as a background for the objects. I took these shots with my macro lens Tamron 90mm.

90mm; f/4; 1/10 sec

90mm; f/4; 1/25

As I can notice, the colours without diffuser were a bit more yellow. Diffuser has taken this unnatural yellow tone away and shadows became more obvious. Also, the shutter speed was also changed from 1/10 sec to 1/25 to keep the same brightness on the shots.  

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