Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Exercise 4.3 - Judging Color Temperature 1

Unfortunately I could not use the same object for all three pictures. I failed to make a picture of my father at sunset. So, I have chosen another object that is also not very colorful and will show the same difference in color temperature - a sea shell.

For all three pictures white balance has been set for "direct sunlight"

1. This picture has been taken at the sun in the midday. The tones are moderate. Color temperature is exactly what it should be, not too "warm" or too "cold". The shadows are not making the picture too dark.

145mm; ISO 200; f/6.0; 1/800 sec

2. This picture has been taken in the shadow during the midday. The colors look colder than on the previous picture. And because the face is not in the sun rays, there are no shadows at all. 

170mm; ISO 200; f/6.3; 1/100 sec

 3. At this one, colors look the coldest out of three. I would even say that the background has blue tone, whereas it was not blue at all.

90mm; ISO 400; f/4.5; 1/100 sec

The most natural is the first picture, where at white balance set for direct sunlight, the shot is actually made at direct sunlight. Two others have colder temperature and the tones of colors differ. 

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