Thursday, December 23, 2010

Assignment 1 - Contrasts

As described in the course materials, the first assignment was to come up with 8 pairs of photos that would represent the contrasting elements. Here they are:

1. Liquid/Solid.

I am not quite sure, that these parts are only liquid and solid contrasts. I decided to make the liquid picture black and white, as it became more interesting. The picture of solid piece of ice on the contrary is colorful and I did not want to change it, because I liked the colors surrounding the object. I don't like the focus on the first pictures...To  be honest it looks a bit out of focus...and th composition is rather strange...

2. Big/Small

Here I used two Christmas tree toys in the snow. The big one is filling in the frame, it seems that he could hardly fit in there. The texture of the material  and the posture of the bear are saying that he is big. It is the other way around with a small one. He is in the center of the picture and all his posture and eyes make him look like a baby-bear.

3. Hot/Cold

The frozen berries look really cold on the snowy background. I have also tried to make coffe look as hot as possible by putting more focus on the smoke that is coming out of the cup.

 4. Straight/ Curve

For this pair I have chosen the different parts of the same pbject, which was my guitar. As a 'straight'  object I have take n a picture of strings, that always leave an impression of perfectly straight object. And the body of the guitar has a curved part, which I have shown on the second picture. I don't lie the reflection of the light on the second shot, but it was the best I could achieve.


5. Black/White

For black and white pair of pictures I have taken necklace from white agate and a black stone from northern part of  Russia - shungit. I am quite happy with a picture of the necklace, but I am not quite sure that the black stone leaves an impression of a black object.

6. Little/Much

For this contrast I have chosen a picture of some rice on the mirror. I like the reflections and the colorful background on the mirror. The picture of  'much' rice is quite doubtful in compositin. But I am not happy at all with these two pictures as a pair. They are two different to represent few/ many contrast. But anyway, here they are:

7. Dark/Light

It is really dark in the building of the old prison. And it is dark, not only because of the little light. It is the whole building, material and the hight of the room, that is giving impression of darksness. It makes people feel uncomfortable and lost.  The bright winter sun on the contrary would make everybody feel the freedom of the nature and gives positive emotions. I think, this pair works well for this assignment on contrasts.


8. Wide/Narrow

Here I have chosen widely open and narrow smiling eye as a contrasting pair. I am not very happy with focus on the narrow eye. It should be sharper than it is. the angle at which both pictures have been taken could also be better.

9. Light+Dark
This is a final picture representing both light and dark at the same time. I was also thinking to name it hard/soft, because of the softness of the sky, but decided that the branch looks not hard enough.
Both sky and white clouds leave a good impression of the light and the branch itself could not be darker than it is on this picture.

Summarizing this assignment, I would say that I am not very happy with my own work for several reasons.
First of all, I could probably have chosen better pairs for representing contrasts. Secondly, I could have put more efforts in setting up compositions. 
The post-processing could also be done in a way to stress the contrasts of the pairs, instead of. aiming at imroving every single picture.  
Anyway, it just means that I am still having a lot to work on. I am  looking forward to learn further and improve my skills.

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